Live Trading/Study Sessions

What we offer:

~~ Real-time live trading or after hours study sessions ~~

One does not need to be a paying member of a chatroom to be a successful trader.  Chatrooms have 90% noise that can lead you into a bad trade or lead you to exit a good trade early.  Plus, a good trader does not need to rely on others to find their trades.  Here, you can signup for the service you need and walk away a better trader.  We can observe the market and identify live trades together such as this one:

And we can work on a number of other skills such as:

- How to find running stocks
- What to look for on the chart
- How to play news
- Utilizing your platform
- How to program your scanner
- Chart study sessions
- Mastering day trading
- Preparing your goals
- Timeline for achieving success

Please contact me at: to schedule your session and identify what you want to study.

Fees are modest at $100 per hour

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