Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

I hope everyone had a successful day trading.  I made some mistakes today.  Lost some money, but even more important, lost time.

First let's review the stocks I wanted to watch from yesterday's blog:

NFLX:  Had news and caused a headache for me
CRR:  Nice one...+$9.60 up 8.08%
S:  Down -.09 cents
ARUN: Nice one...+.80 up 3.63%
EK:  Continued down and broke 1.75 support - Closed at 1.74 down .64 cents or -26.89%'s how my day started:

Saw activity on NFLX this morning and I was excited about the news.
Traded premarket: NFLX 135.00/136.50 x 400 =  $600

Great!  My goal for the day is met and I should quit.  Take kids to school and come back.  Trade the following: ARUN 22.97/23.27 x 500 = $150

Bought more NFLX after the spike at 134.62......Big time error here!  Do not put in a stop and it goes down huge.....didn't sell either because I am retarded.  Feel very sick......should of turned off the computer and did some other stuff.

Here are my other trades as I watch NFLX go down:
MELA 5.09/5.05 x 700 = -28
SLV 29.30/29.37  x 500 = +35
ZSL 18.92/18.77 x 300 = -45
ZSL 18.80/19.15 x 700 = +245
ZSL 19.10/19.20 x 700 = +70

Saw  tweeting about IDCC:
IDCC 48.20/49.70 x 300 = +450
IDCC 48.10/49.20 x 700 = +770

Total trades: $2,097, but I am holding stupid NFLX at a -960 loss

Hope it goes up tomorrow so I can get out.

Now if I would of just bought CRR at the open of 120.93 and sold at the end of the day I could of made this:  CRR 120.93/128.35 x 500 = $3,710.....

Wow, see that is what happens when you change your plan.  I made less money, I'm holding a stock, and I wasted the day.  I had $600 before open....should of just left......gross!

Lots of runners today and the market was up +272 points.  Nice green day. 

 killed it on FAS, played these stocks and had another profitable day: S,ANR,XIV,F.  Be sure and follow this dude!  And also lakers8888 .  They are both great traders!

MELA was the darling of the day up +1.87 or +58.81% on FDA news.

So, in closing, I need to do the following tomorrow:
NFLX ~ close out
EK ~ watch for bottom
CRR ~ will it go up more?

Broke my probation big time by looking at this chit all day!  I will do better tomorrow.

Have a good evening everyone!


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