Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011: What I'm watching Monday

Hello 2 of the trading blog....listed below is what I'll be watching Monday and why:

Blog update: NFLX possible deal with Dreamworks and will announce on Monday....this is huge....

CRR:  Has taken some hits along with the market over the last week.  Down -$21.61 on Thurs and -$7.68 on Friday.  This stock has many $1.00 swings throughout the day.  Long or short.  Have not played this stock before, but I like the swings.  Will watch and take a position if possible.

S:   alerted this on twitter.  News of Dish partnering with a wireless company.  Jumped .17 cents or 5.65% on the news.  On watch for a run up.

SLV:   is watching the metals for an option play.  I do not trade options yet.  I do plan on playing SLV or ZSL (short) because of the volume and market action.

ARUN: This stock has great volume and big swings.  Up +$2.40 on Friday.  Had momo and continued uptrending all day.  Will watch for a position.

TNA/TZA:  These are always on my watchlist for market swings.

"Blog Update!" EK - forgot to add this one earlier.  Took a -.39 cent or -16.39% dive a/h on Friday.  Kodak drew $160M from their revolving credit line....looking for more downside here.

That's all I have.  One of the biggest mistakes a trader can make is watching too many stocks.  You lose your focus and can lose money by bouncing back and forth all over the place.  Pick a couple to watch and that's it.  I would suggest just watching 1 stock, but we all know that will never happen.

So, make your game plan, stick to it and hopefully we will bring home our Monday goals!


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